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Barbara Anne Flaherty

A Cloud of Voices participant

Published onJun 14, 2023
Barbara Anne Flaherty

Barbara Anne Flaherty

I was born in 1949, the older of daughter of Flight-Lieutenant Mervyn William and Barbara Lilian Pike. Our parents had what I now think of as a fairytale - a wartime romance that lasted more than 60 years.
My sister and I had a wonderfully secure childhood, Dad wanting to create a strong and loving family for us all, acknowledging that Mum had left her family behind in England. She was so lucky that they all emigrated and lived close by.

I grew up learning ballet and ultimately became a publicist for one of the five theatres in Sydney. I have had 4 beautiful children, two boys and two girls and live in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.

I feel blessed to have had such wonderful parents who taught us true life values and am so proud of their dedication to the freedom of their countries during the time of World War II.

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