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Caergybi a Rhyfel

Holyhead and War

Published onDec 17, 2020
Caergybi a Rhyfel
Mae’r ugeinfed ganrif wedi’i dogfennu’n dda yn Amgueddfa Forwrol Caergybi, felly dim ond cipolwg fydda i’n cynnwys yn fy Fflotila.

The twentieth century has been well documented at the Holyhead Maritime Museum and so I will include only a glimpse in my Flotilla.

A naval base was created in Holyhead in 1916 and the Irish Sea Hunting Flotilla was established later in WWI to combat U boats in the Irish Sea. In WWII the Royal Dutch Navy began to use the port as a base.

Daeth yr ysbrydoliaeth i gynnwys cyfeiriad at ryfel ar ôl imi ddarganfod casyn gwag gwn wedi’i olchi i fyny ar y lan yn Soldier’s Point, ger yr harbwr. Cafodd ei wlychu’n wyrdd gan y dŵr hallt, gan beri iddo edrych yn hynafol.

The inspiration to include a reference to war came from the finding of an empty bullet shell case, washed up on the shore at Soldier’s Point near the harbour. It was patinated green by the salty water, giving it also the quality of age.

As a ready-made funnel, I incorporated it into a cast of a small boat, using collected Welsh earth (peat). The main hull has a damaged, scarred and pitted surface, communicating war and its devastation. The second submarine vessel has a similar scarred surface skin giving it a rather mammalian quality.

The sea plinths on which they sit have a number of references to the starkness of warfare.

Llong Ryfel / War Ship

Llong-U Mamalaidd / Mammalian U-Boat

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Holyhead Maritime Museum

Marged Pendrell
17 December 2020

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