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Broc môr: flotsam and jetsam

Found objects as windows into the past

Published onOct 27, 2021
Broc môr: flotsam and jetsam
Diolch i bawb sy’n cyfrannu i’r cwch cymunedol: ‘Cwch Caergybi’. Byddaf yn rhoi gwybod am sut mae’r gwaith yn cynyddu ymhellach i lawr yn y blog hwn.

Thank you all contributors to the community boat ‘Cwch Caergybi’: I’ll update you on its progress in the next post.

Fel y soniais ym mhost 7, dwi’n teimlo atyniad greddfol at gasglu gwrthrychau, naill ai’n naturiol neu wedi eu gwneud. Pan gerddais ar hyd arfordir Caergybi, roedd rhan fwyaf o’r gwrthrychau des i ar eu traws yn froc môr.

As I mentioned in a previous post I am instinctively drawn to collecting objects both natural and man made. When I walked the coastline around Holyhead most of my found objects were flotsam and jetsam (broc môr).

The following 3 works were inspired by these objects.

Mixed media work by Marged Pendrell: Broc Môr 1

Broc Môr 1

This is based on a ‘found’ piece of rusty metal around the harbour, which resembles a shield or figure head, through which we look into the past. It sits alongside a found wooden cross/masthead, and references the early primitive Christian vessels in the form of a simple cast lead boat.

Mixed media work by Marged Pendrell: Broc Môr 2

Broc Môr 2

A companion piece using ‘found’ driftwood and metal to express the simplicity and fragility of the early pilgrim vessels.

Mixed media work by Marged Pendrell: Broc Môr 3

Broc Môr 3

A made and patinated copper ‘wreck’ alongside a box of seabed finds.

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