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Chris Barnikel

A Cloud of Voices participant

Published onJun 14, 2023
Chris Barnikel

David Luther Thomas, Martello Tower from Llanreath, Looking along the coast towards Pembroke Dock. CC BY-SA 2.0,

I was born in Neyland in 1960 just across the river from Pembroke Dock.

I left the area in 1978 and lived in Leeds, London and Sydney amongst other places before being drawn back in 1994 to run a large Guest House in Pembroke and raise my own family here.

 Both my maternal and paternal grandparents lived in Llanreath, Pembroke Dock for many years and my parents, childhood sweethearts from Llanreath, never left the area apart from a 2 year spell in Malta.

It is a wonderful locality and I couldn't wish for a better place to grow up in and indeed spend the majority of my life.

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