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Completed postcard designs

Published onNov 30, 2021
Completed postcard designs

After visits to Pembrokeshire in September, Julie Merriman has now made the postcards for all of the five port towns.

Pembroke Dock Postcard I is an image of the Pembroke Refinery, viewed on the way into the dock seaward side, and Pembroke Dock Postcard II shows the Defensible Barracks, which are situated above the town and looks down towards the Dock from the landward side to the south.

Postcard by Julie Merriman, refinery, Pembroke Dock.
Postcard by Julie Merriman, Defensible Barracks, Pembroke Dock.

Both Fishguard postcards show the Stena Line ferry.  Postcard I shows the ferry coming into the harbour and Postcard II shows the point close to where foot passengers board the ferry. Writing about her experience of visiting Fishguard, Julie writes: “Whilst in Pembroke I read in the newspaper that there was a question mark over whether the Fishguard to Rosslare Ferry would continue to operate in future, as Pembroke Dock was so close.  But on visiting Fishguard, it seemed to me that the ferry was an integral part of the place and it would be a shame to see it depart for good, as has happened in Dun Laoghaire with the Dun Laoghaire to Holyhead crossing.  The ferry boat daily comings and goings become part of the rhythm of a town and can leave a big gap when they end.”

Postcard by Julie Merriman of Fishguard/Goodwick.
Postcard by Julie Merriman of the Port of Fishguard at Goodwick.

The postcards from Rosslare, on the opposite side of the Irish Sea, draw on a personal memory. Julie’s familiarity with Rosslare and Rosslare Port goes back to her childhood, as she spent her summers in Rosslare and continues to visit every year. The house depicted is called the White House, on Rosslare Strand Road beside the Iona Hotel, which has been empty and deteriorating for many years. Both buildings have recently been sold and will surely be changed in the years to come, and the images are a response to the ephemeral nature of place.

Postcard for Rosslare by Julie Merriman.

Postcard by Julie Merriman of Holyhead Railway Station.

The first postcard for Holyhead is of the present railway station, and was adapted from a drawing with the help of a photograph of the scene in strong sunlight. The second postcard stems from Julie’s interest in naval engineering, and is a line drawing based on the blueprints of naval architecture at Holyhead.

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