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Cwch Caergybi – The Community Boat

Contributions and reflections from those who are now part of the Cwch Project.

Published onOct 28, 2021
Cwch Caergybi – The Community Boat

The work is well underway, delayed of course by Covid and the summer. There are 15 textile women contributors from the island, most from Holyhead.

Here are the reflections of some of those who are now part of the Cwch Project.

Work by Liesbeth Williams

Liesbeth Williams – Llansadwrn

I am inspired by the thought of communication across the Irish Sea through rock art from the Neolithic period more than four thousand years ago. Similar examples are found in passage graves either side, in Ireland, north of Dublin at Newgrange near the port of Drogheda and on the west coast of Ynys Môn at Barcloddiad y Gawres.

Liesbeth Williams

Work by Christine Garwood.

Christine Garwood

 My contribution to this project, using mixed media painting and textile techniques, is an image of the boat journeys the monks made between the two shores. They brought the Bible to feed the spiritual needs of the people who were seen as empty vessels without direction. The symbols of Christianity depict the Trinity of God the Father, Jesus His Son, and the Holy Spirit with a Cross representing the message of Salvation; the Dove bringing Peace and the Fish representing Feeding the People.

Christine Garwood

Work by Helen Dolling

Helen Dolling

The merging of the Irish Sea and the southern end of the Menai Straits, viewed from the tidal serenity of Ynys Llanddwyn, and overlooked by the greys and blues of distant Snowdonia and the Llyn Peninsula. Captured in unseen wool rovings (needle felted)

Helen Dolling

Works hanging together within one section of Cwch Caergybi

Crochet circles

Cyfrannodd a chreoedd Gladys Pritchard o Gaergybi y gweithiau crosio cain hyn. Mae rhai wedi’u gwneud o gotwm crosio brynodd hi yn Bruges, Gwlad Belg - lle sy’n enwog am wneud crosio a les.

Gladys Pritchard from Holyhead contributed and created these fine cotton crochet pieces. Some are made from crochet cotton she bought in Bruges, Belgium, a place which is famous for its lace-making.

The above images are temporary installations in my studio. I look forward to seeing them in the Ucheldre next year where they could be suspended or seen against a wall.

A Knit and Natter group meets in the Millbank Centre , Holyhead each Tuesday.

They contributed these colourful and lively pieces for Cwch Caergybi

Crochet wool circles by Edwina Gwatkin

Crochet wool circles by Edwina Gwatkin, an enthusiastic member of the group

Edwina Gwatkin and Sylvia Jones were joined by friends to knit these colourful banners, which included the colours of the Welsh, Irish and European Union flags.

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