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Fferi Laswellt

A grass boat, an empty vessel awaiting the future.

Published onMay 05, 2021
Fferi Laswellt
Roedd arna i awydd ychwanegu un llong arall at fy fflotila personal, i fynegi fy ymateb i’r sefyllfa bresennol yng Nghaergybi, yn sgil Brexit, ac yn dal i fod o fewn pandemig global Covid.
Gan ddefnyddio’r un ffurf llestr eiconig hynafol, wnes i’r ‘Ffferi Laswellt’

My last boat was an imaginary ‘longboat ferry’ carrying nothing but haulage to Dublin port. I felt compelled to add one more vessel to my personal flotilla, reflecting on the current situation at Holyhead: post Brexit, but still within the parameters of the Covid global pandemic.

Using the same ancient iconic vessel form, I made the ‘Grass Ferry’, pictured below.

Fferi Laswellt – The Grass Ferry

An empty vessel, with haulage now directed elsewhere.

This vessel appears as a contradiction and confusion of materials handled in a fairy-tale way, but it raises many questions:-

Is the grass greener on the other side?
Will tourism take over from trade?
Is this the future of our land, as a park?
Is there a more optimistic future, with greener pastures?

The list is endless.

An empty vessel awaiting the future.

Llestr gwag yn aros am y dyfodol.

Marged Pendrell
5 May 2021

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