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A Map of the Water and related stories

Robert Jakes shares his work in progress on mapping the Irish Sea.

Published onMay 05, 2021
A Map of the Water and related stories

As a starting point I looked at navigational and Bathymetric maps of the crossing between Pembroke Dock and Rosslare and used this as an initial format like a big jigsaw. I planned to work with the local communities to seek out the history and stories relating to the area between the two lands, and collect together images and writing that will provide a rich and informative map of memories.

I’ve always loved maps especially navigation charts that show large areas of sea with just small pieces of land at the edge, to me it depicted an area of unknown things, when travelling by sea the surface of the water is visible but below has always intrigued me. 

I have been investigating the stretch of water between Pembroke Dock and Rosslare and seeking to discover as much as I can about the history, ecology and stories relating to this area and the connections past and present between the two places.

The plan is to fuse images and text onto ceramic tile to create a wall mural that celebrates this stretch of water, to be sited in the Ferry Terminal at Pembroke Dock. Due to the current restrictions I have been mainly researching online and contacting people to gather specific information, being based near Pembroke. I have found a lot of information regarding this area and there are many stories so I think some will be depicted by an image and a sentence in the hope that it will intrigue people enough to search further to find out more. I am hoping that I will be able to travel to Rosslare to hear the stories from that side of the water.

Below are a few examples of maps that have interested me, and a sense of the kinds of things that the mural will include.

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