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Rosslare Harbour Festival

Ports, Past and Present Exhibitions: Creative Connections across the Irish Sea

Published onJul 10, 2023
Rosslare Harbour Festival

Rosslare Harbour Festival
Gŵyl Harbwr Rosslare

17–18 June 2022 | 17–18 Mehefin 2022

Large versions of the panels from the exhibition were produced and exhibited outside in the Memorial Garden of Rosslare Harbour Village during the Rosslare Harbour Festival. Each of the artists were represented in the display and some also attended the festival and presented their work.

The two films by David Begley (The Wexford Whale) and Peter Stevenson and Jacob Whittaker (Uisce Dŵr Water) were shown on a large outdoor screen, attended by some of the children who worked with David at Scoil Mhuire Rosslare. Peter Stevenson provided a storytelling session and Robert Jakes shared some of the stories included in his Sea of Stories mural. Peter Murphy gave the first of his performances of extracts from his radio play, We Have Always Been Your Harbour, in the Memorial Garden of Rosslare Harbour.

Cafodd fersiynau mawr o'r paneli o'r arddangosfa eu cynhyrchu a'u harddangos y tu allan yng Ngardd Goffa Pentref Harbwr Rosslare yn ystod Gŵyl Harbwr Rosslare. Cynrychiolwyd pob un o'r artistiaid yn yr arddangosfa a daeth rhai i'r ŵyl hefyd a chyflwyno’u gwaith.
Dangoswyd y ddwy ffilm gan David Begley (The Wexford Whale) a Peter Stevenson a Jacob Whittaker (Uisce Dŵr Water) ar sgrin fawr yn yr awyr agored, gyda rhai o'r plant a fu’n gweithio gyda David yn Scoil Mhuire Rosslare. Darparodd Peter Stevenson sesiwn adrodd straeon a rhannodd Robert Jakes rai o'r straeon a gynhwyswyd yn ei furlun Sea of Stories. Rhoddodd Peter Murphy y cyntaf o'i berfformiadau o ddarnau o'i ddrama radio, We Have Always Been Your Harbour, yng Ngardd Goffa Harbwr Rosslare.

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