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Uisce Dŵr Water

Fibbing from Fishguard: Folk Tales, True Tales and Tall Tales, a book by Peter Stevenson

Published onSep 29, 2022
Uisce Dŵr Water

The stories in this collection were created by Peter Stevenson as part of his commission for Ports, Past and Present.

Folk Tales, True Tales & Tall Tales: Fibbing from Fishguard complements Uisce Dŵr Water, a film by Peter Stevenson and Jacob Whittaker exploring Ireland-Wales connections from Fishguard. Like the film, the book draws on a wealth of local material and pays homage to the energy and creativity of some wonderful storytellers in Fishguard, Goodwick and the Pencaer peninsula: their voices can be found in the ‘Transcripts’ section at the end of this volume.

Fishguard’s connections with Ireland and the wider world are explored here in tales which take a sideways, irreverent look at some of the port’s most famous historical set pieces: the 1797 French Landings remembered by a mermaid with a drink problem, and an unconventional First Flight across the Irish Sea. Yet, as is often the case with Stevenson’s work, there are wide and complex themes at play here: local and traditional stories become, in these retellings, powerful vehicles for themes of belonging, of ownership and loss, and illuminate the interconnected injustices and blessings of our globally enmeshed societies. Vividly illustrated, engaging and thought-provoking, each of these tales is a journey in itself.

Published by the University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies for Ports Past and Present, 2022

Text and illustrations by Peter Stevenson

Preface by Mary-Ann Constantine

Design by Peter Stevenson and typesetting by Martin Crampin

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