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The Wexford Whale Film

Written, directed, animated and edited by David Begley

Published onMay 10, 2022
The Wexford Whale Film

The Wexford Whale

Written, directed, animated and edited by David Begley

Music and sound design by Ruah Pearson

Run time 12 minutes. Suitable for all ages

View the archive record of the film here.

In April 2021 David Begley gathered driftwood at The Burrow, Rosslare and Rosslare Harbour in order to bake driftwood charcoal for 5th and 6th class pupils at Scoil Mhuire Rosslare. Assisted by Nadia Corridan, David facilitated drawing and animation workshops with the children to explore the story of Ned Wickham and the blue whale which stranded at the mouth of Wexford Harbour in 1891. The children learned about the history, heritage and culture of Rosslare Fort, Ned Wickham's life, enjoyed drawing at the Burrow beach, Rosslare – reimagining Wickham's first sighting of the whale – drew scenes from the story of the whale, learned how to animate in charcoal and created some astonishing work. 

Featuring charcoal drawings and animations made by David and the children 'The Wexford Whale' is a 12 minute black and white film with an original cello score written, performed and recorded by Ruah Pearson. The film also includes a contribution from Richard Sabin, principal curator of mammals at The Natural History Museum, London.

David Begley, Wexford Whale, sea, 2022

Visit behind the scenes and see clips from this film at

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